Pastoral Services

The vast majority of the work I do involves supporting individuals and their animal companion(s) through times of transition. There are a variety of ways I can support you.

  • Monthly support group via Zoom (details)
  • Support when animal companion is lost/missing
  • Discernment and support during end of life decisions
  • Support after the loss
  • Assisting in creating a loving memorial
  • Support for those suffering from compassion fatigue
  • Support for those on the front lines such as veterinarians, activists, etc.
  • Support individuals in their quest to consume fewer animals

All of my services are exclusively available on Zoom.


Who are you and why do you do this?
Please take a look at my info under “about.”

Are you a real minister or did you get ordained on the Internet?
This is a legitimate question. While I’ve never understood it, many people like to get “ordained” online and then hold themselves out as bona fide ministers. Unitarian Universalists must go through a rigorous preparation program before becoming ordained. That being said, if you are going to get ordained online I suggest visiting here

Do I have to be a Unitarian Universalist or “religious” in order to receive support?
Heavens no! I will meet you wherever you are in terms of religion/spirituality. There is a saying handed down by UU tradition that says “we need not think alike to love alike.” So, if you believe God directs everything, I will support you. If you believe God is a human-made construct, I will support you.

Do I have to be vegan to work with you?
Absolutely Not! The vast majority of the people I support are not vegans. Again, my job as a chaplain is to meet you were you are and support you. Now, if you want to know why I’m vegan just >>go here.<< And, if you are interested in eating fewer animal or even becoming vegan yourself, I can help you.

Where do you live?
I live right outside of Chicago, Illinois in the United States. However, because I offer support exclusively via Zoom (or telephone) geography shouldn’t be a factor in receiving support.

Do you have any animal companions?
Yes! Maisy is a rescue cat who will sometimes finds her way into my Instagram pictures. She is the first cat companion I’ve shared a home with as an adult. I was always a “dog guy” until Maisy helped me expand my love for felines.

To Be Continued!